Member of the Vanilla+ world

Approved Player

26 hours played



Anvils Used 1
You just repaired your first item!
Bed 1
You entered a bed for the first time
Bed 10
You entered a bed 10 times!
Bed 5
You entered a bed 5 times!
Break 10000 Stone
You pulled a Carl
Break 1000 Dirt
Why do you even need this much
Break 1000 Stone
Break 100 Dirt
Yay100 dirtsick
Break 100 Stone
Break 10 Dirt
Break 10 Stone
Part-time Miner!
Break 1 Dirt
We all start somewhere
Break 1 Stone
The first time you went mining!
Breeding 10 Animals
An odd job
Breeding 1 Animal
You bred your first animal!
Connect 1
Enjoy your Stay
Craft 1 Blade
The first time you crafted a blade!
Deaths 1
The first time you died!
Distance Foot 1000
You traveled 1000 blocks by foot!
Distance Gliding 100
You traveled 100 blocks with elytra!
Eaten Item S 1
Just had a snack!
Enchantments 5
5 objects enchanted!
Enderpearls 10
10 teleportations with ender pearls!
Fireworks 10
You launched 10 fireworks!
Hoeplowings 10
You plowed the ground 10 times!
Item Breaks 1
You broke your favorite tool!
Item Drops 15
You're killing the planet!
Item Pickups 40
You're saving the planet!
Kills 1000 Hostile Mobs
Rackin' up some kills!
Kills 100 Hostile Mobs
Just like Michonne!
Kills 10 Friendly Mobs
You make me sick!
Kills 10 Hostile Mobs
Boosting that K/D!
Kills 1 Friendly Mobs
They were never going to fight back
Kills 1 Hostile Mobs
The first time you killed a mob!
Max Level 10
Level 10 reached!
Max Level 20
Level 20 reached!
Max Level 30
Level 30 reached!
Milk 1
Just milked a cow!MOOW
Place 100 Chest
You have placed 100 chests!
Place 1 Anvil
Lets get tinkering
Place 1 Enchanting Table
You're a Wizard, Harry
Place 50 Chest
You have placed 50 chests!
Place 5 Chest
You have placed 5 chests!
Played Time 1
You played for one hour on the server!
Smeltitem S 250
250 items smelt in a furnace!
Taming 1
You tamed your first animal!
Water Buckets 15
15 buckets filled with water!