Member of the Vanilla world

16 hours playedilverVIP



Anvils Used 1
You just repaired your first item!
Arrows 50
50 arrows shot!
Bed 1
You entered a bed for the first time
Break 100 Dirt
Yay100 dirtsick
Break 100 Stone
Break 10 Dirt
Break 10 Stone
Part-time Miner!
Break 1 Dirt
We all start somewhere
Break 1 Stone
The first time you went mining!
Breeding 10 Animals
An odd job
Breeding 1 Animal
You bred your first animal!
Connect 1
Enjoy your Stay
Distance Boat 200
You traveled 200 blocks in a boat!
Distance Foot 1000
You traveled 1000 blocks by foot!
Distance Minecart 100
You traveled 100 blocks in a minecart!
Eaten Item S 1
Just had a snack!
Hoeplowings 10
You plowed the ground 10 times!
Item Breaks 1
You broke your favorite tool!
Item Pickups 40
You're saving the planet!
Kills 10 Hostile Mobs
Boosting that K/D!
Kills 1 Friendly Mobs
They were never going to fight back
Kills 1 Hostile Mobs
The first time you killed a mob!
Max Level 10
Level 10 reached!
Max Level 20
Level 20 reached!
Milk 1
Just milked a cow!MOOW
Place 1 Anvil
Lets get tinkering
Place 5 Chest
You have placed 5 chests!
Played Time 1
You played for one hour on the server!
Smeltitem S 250
250 items smelt in a furnace!
Water Buckets 15
15 buckets filled with water!